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   Sue and I have called Hamilton County home for almost 30 years, living in both Carmel and Cicero. We raised our sons here, all three of which graduated from Hamilton Heights High School.

   Currently, I serve as the County Grant Administrator. The Grant Administration department provides centralized oversight and management of the millions of dollars in grant funding obtained by the county each year, to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations and requirements. This grant funding provides supplemental
resources to the county – above and beyond local tax dollars to bridge the gap between county resources and community needs.

   Prior to joining the county in March of 2018, I served as a Legislative Chief of Staff, Nonprofit Administrator and a Partner in a Marketing and Communications consulting firm. I graduated from Indiana University, double majoring in Journalism and Criminal Justice. I hold an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University and am also a graduate of the National Associations of Counties High Performance Leadership Academy.

   Throughout my career, I have been involved in government at every level, but public service at the local level is the most fulfilling because I get to see the impact daily. Local government is inherently meaningful because it is directly related to building and improving our communities as well as improving the lives of my family, friends, neighbors and community members.

   As the County’s “Chief Financial Officer,” the duties and responsibilities of the County Auditor are critical to county operations. First and foremost, the auditor is responsible for maintaining the integrity of financial administration throughout the entirety of county government.

  Indiana law places a great deal of responsibility upon the County Auditor. Many of the functions performed by the auditor are complex and require skills, experience and expertise that can only be acquired from working within the office itself.

   While it’s true, someone could walk off the street and learn to be the County Auditor…it would take years. And if someone says differently…then they truly do not understand the complexity of the office. The position of County Auditor does not have the luxury of being “an on the job training” opportunity…there is too much at stake. As a member of the Auditor’s senior staff, for the past 6 years…I am the only candidate who has the requisite training and experience which allows for a smooth transition into the position on day one.

   You should care because the Auditor is the only elected county official whose statutory duty is to look out for you, the taxpayer, and ensure the county is spending your tax dollars efficiently and legally. That the county isn’t handing out no-bid contracts or allowing money to walk out the back door because internal controls aren’t operating properly or missing altogether. 

Voters “hire” the County Auditor.  That makes the Auditor accountable to the taxpayers and no one else.  That independence gives County Auditors the authority to look over the shoulders of everyone working in county government to make sure that tax dollars are spent for a proper public purpose.  It’s the County Auditor’s job to examine every request for money from the dozens of county offices that ask for it.

Because the Auditor is neither appointed by, nor under the hierarchical control of either the executive or legislative body of local government, the integrity of county finances is protected by a dual system of checks and balances.  Because of this, you should care that there is someone in that office on day one with the experience to protect your compulsory investment in the county.

   As your County Auditor, I will be an independent control or voice that represents every citizen, ensuring the county funds are properly spent and accounted for.

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What is a County Auditor

The County Auditor is a Constitutional Office of the State of Indiana.  The Auditor is the Chief Fiscal officer of the county and by law, is the watchdog over all county funds and maintains the official records of all receipts, disbursements and fund balances.  It is the responsibility of the Auditor to account for the hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars received each year, by the county and to issue warrants (checks) in payment of all county obligations. 

The Hamilton County Auditor’s Office is also responsible for maintaining property tax maps and ownership records for the entire county.  All deeds transferring property must be passed through the Real Property Department, within the Auditor’s Office. The duties within the County Auditor’s Office are numerous and also include: 

Fiscal Responsibility:

  • Budgeting

  • Tax Settlement (Property Tax)

    • Drains

    • Excise

    • Property Tax Refunds

    • Abstract

    • Distribution of CVET, FIT, Excise and Property Tax

    • Appeals

    • Adjustments

    • Certify Tax Rates

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • County Payroll

  • Local Income Taxes

  • Local Income Taxes

  • Bonds

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

  • Grants: Federal, State and Local

  • Capital/Fixed Assets

  • Reporting

    • Gateway

    • Fiscal Year End State Board of Accounts Audit


Administrative Responsibilities


The Hamilton County Auditor is Secretary to:

  • Board of Commissioners

  • Hamilton County Council

  • Solid Waste Board

  • Airport Authority Board

  • Redevelopment Commission & Authority

  • Committee Meetings


Other Administrative Responsibilities include:

  • Tax Sales

  • County Ordinances/Resolutions

  • Bids

  • Annual Calendars

  • Liability Trust Accounts

  • Vehicles


Operational Responsibilities include managing:

  • Real Property Department

  • Settlement Department

  • Geographical Information Services Department

  • Accounts Payable Department

  • Accounts Receivable Department

  • Payroll Department

  • Disability/Benefits

  • Grants Administration

  • Data Entry (property ownership records)





Reach Me Anytime

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Todd Is honored to have the support of a wide-ranging group of Hamilton County Leaders, current and former elected officials, business leaders and citizens, including

Derek Arrowood            Hamilton Heights Schools Superintendent      

Brad Beaver                   County Councilman   

Trini Beaver                   County Recorder

Peggy Beaver                Former County Clerk

Susan Byer                    County Treasurer

Arnie Cooper                 Hamilton Heights School Board Member

Dawn Coverdale           Chief Deputy Auditor

Rhonda Gary                 Clerk Treasurer Town of Cicero

Mark Hall                       County Councilman

Matt Hensley                Republican State Delegate District, White River Township

Chris Jeter                    State Rep District 88

Jason LeMaster           Ham. County Health Department Administrator 

Amy Massillamany     County Councilwoman           

Robin Mills                   County Auditor

Steven Rushforth        Safety and Risk Manager

Conor Sullivan             County Attorney

Emily Pearson             Cicero Town Council & Precinct Committeeman

Kevin Poore                  Hamilton County Assessor

Kent Ward                     County Surveyor

Robin Ward                   Former County Assessor





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